A Full Operational Mothaship Of Funkateers, going down On The One and nothing but the One.
OTO Machine was founded in 2014 by Frank Deruytter (one of Belgium’s most solicited sax players), in collaboration with top-arrangers Lode Mertens and Dieter Limbourg (Brussels Jazz Orchestra).

With its first class line up, consisting of 15 of Belgium’s finest jazz & pop musicians (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, El Tattoo Del Tigre, Blue Blot, Selah Sue, etc.), OTO Machine stands for mind-blowing funk amidst an overwhelming performance.
Beware: this is not a gig as you know it, it’s a Party!

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Line up

Frank Deruytter LEAD Frank Vaganée (as) Dieter Limbourg (as) Filip Demeyer (ts)
Johan Vandendriessche (bs) Carlo Mertens (tb) Lode Mertens (tb) Serge Plume (tp)
Nico Schepers (tp) Carlo Nardozza (tp) Bert Gielen (keys) Didier Deruytter (keys)
Rory De Kievit (git) Erik Raedemakers (bass) Jordi Geuens (drms)

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